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Hamilton Beach: Gourmet Panini 25450 Grill

Written By mark jordan on Thursday, 30 May 2013 | 02:40

Well while I love to use my toasted sandwich maker to make paninis. I like to use it for other things as well. Saturday night when my dad came over to my place I thought I would break it out my Hamilton beach panini press for him. He came over so we could watch the Maweather Ortiz fight.

This indoor grill is used primarily for grilled cheese sandwiches, paninis and things like this. I, however like to use it for steaks and burgers. This grill heats up easily in minutes. So while the last preliminary fight was on we decided to prep our food for grilling. The fighter in the last fight didn't look much better than the marinading steaks we were about to make.

Hamilton beach indoor grill gets a nice evenly heated surface. It is big enough to accommodate two good sized steaks. It's surface measures 12 by 8-1/2 so this was not a problem. The non-stick surface doesn't need any lubricant. I choose to use Pam or olive oil on mine. Non-stick is good because this little grill cleans up easily. Just used the scraper that is included and wipe this joker down. You got to rinse it well because soap residue will be tasted on your next meal if you don't.

Now the steaks are good and marinaded with a simple mix of barbecue sauce, ground pepper and Old Bay. We place the steaks on the surface so they can good good an rare. That is how we like it. This is a no frills griddler, so you have to take what you get. However, it gets the job done and the price is excellent if you don't have a lot to spend on an an appliance like this.

As the fighters are coming in to the ring I pull the hinges down on the panini press. I lock it closed to get a good sear to the steaks. As I mentioned before this is a real simple grill by Hamilton Beach so there are no temperature dials or a heat gauge. For some people this may be a turn off. But for me, I don't care. As a chef you will have to judge your steaks and meats by eye when you cook on this. It really isn't for anything other than panini's.

So after a few minutes our steaks are ready along with a baked potato and peas. We get a couple of Coronas and me and the old man got a pretty decent meal to eat while watch the main event.



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